It's really that simple -- it all starts with kindness. Small conscious decisions can lead to big positive impact. And it starts with YOU. We have power in our choices, in our purchases, in holding the door for a stranger, in teaching our children the value of saying "please" and "thank you." Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is an unstoppable community of thoughtful kind humans committed to transforming lives and building a more kind and inclusive future. And we NEVER GIVE UP. Join us!

Our "BE A KIND HUMAN" design is screened onto a foam front high crown trucker. Select from different colorways: Black + White, Black with Gold, Teal with Gold, Yellow with Teal, Forest with Silver, Cranberry with Gold.

FIT: We have two sizes. Youth and Adult. Both are adjustable. Youth fits kids ages 4 to teens and adults with smaller heads. Adult fits up to max 7 7/8. Please note your size selection when you order!

Sweatshop-free, designed and printed in California for a living wage.

100% of profits fund the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation nonprofit programs.

"BE A KIND HUMAN." is a Copyright © 2019 of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.