We believe every child's library should include books with disability representation. This helps normalize all the many ways we live in this world together. Disability has always been part of the human experience -- and Finn-tastic is a fun book to introduce disability conversations into your home.

From the author: We were inspired to write "Finn-Tastic" based on our journey with Finn over the last three years. We want to inspire others to approach those who have different needs with curiosity and kindness, and to never give up, no matter what your circumstances are.


  • "Every classroom library should include a copy!" ~ Cathy, M.S.Ed Child Development Specialist
  • "Mommy, he's so tiny but he's so strong. He's a superhero." ~ Alex, Age 9
  • “Tubes like me! Smo’s like me! I like trains too!” ~ Vinny, Age 3
  • “As a pediatric nurse and new mom, it’s so important to me to raise my son knowing that we all have differences that make us amazing. Every hospital and family should own this book!” ~ Megan, Mom and Nurse