Take your NEVER GIVE UP. athletics to the max in style! Designed by our friend, supporter, and avid triathlete, Michael Paskin worked directly with De Soto Sport to create this custom Gwendolyn Strong Foundation cycling kit. Both top of the line quality and comfort while 100% charitable, this high-end kit will have you soaring!

This men's bib is made entirely of new Mobius™ Comfort Compression – Compression that is comfortable, not tight.


  • 13-panel bib short made of Mobius™ Comfort Compression (read details below).
  • 3-inch two-piece Mobius™ Comfort leg-bands, so there is not tight sqeezing of the lower thigh.
  • Sheer mesh bibs straps to keep you cool.
  • 14mm 400-Mile Clasico Pad is sewn in.  It is anatomical, seamless, high density, buoyant, 4-way stretch, anti-bacterial,and non-absorbant. This pad floats and stretches which means it can be used as a race piece in a triathlon. On the bike, the pad stretches with the short and follows your skin as it moves with every pedal stroke, eliminating the friction that can cause irritation or rashes.
  • Shorter Leg Length than other brands: Have you seen the length of the bibs that riders have been wearing in Europe lately especially in the Grand Tours? As opposed to most brands here in the states, which come just above the knees, our Mobius Bibshorts are comfortably shorter like those currently used by the pros in the Grand Tours, and they have no gripper elastic, yet stay in place and do not bind the legs.
  • Midsection Support – Our bibs offer some very nice support around the mid-section, as they come up a bit higher on the sides than other brands, to cover and tuck in the obliques and abdomen.
  • 3 pockets: one one each outer thigh and one center back pocket that fit cell phones, smart phones, fuel packets, and most sunglasses. If you never use them, you will never know they are there. But you will wonder how you could have lived without them.
  • Curvilinear™ seamlines, contrast flat stitch for comfort, durability, and aerodynamics./li>
  • This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents.
  • Not recommended for repeated use in a chlorinated pool.

De Soto Sport gave this pad the "400-Mile™" name from product testing consisting of 400 miles over 4 days. His logic was that many shorts feel fine for 100+ mile rides. The real question is how does that saddle feel when you get on the bike the next morning for another 100 miles...and the next morning? This was the inspiration for the design, the pad, and the name.


A Mobius Strip is a surface with only one side and one boundary. Mobius™ Comfort is our new form-fitting, yet non-binding compressive fabric. The knit we created when blending fibers make repeated mobius loops so that the same surface, stretch, and rebound is on both sides of the fabric and in equal direction. You will notice comfort and support without constriction, opacity without unnecessary weight, and durability from a very smooth surface on both sides. In addition to this bib made entirely of this fabric, you will find Mobius Comfort Leg Bands on all our trisuits, trishorts, bike shorts, and bib shorts.

400-Mile Clasico Pad (Sewn-in) Dimensions:

  •      Max Thickness: .55" (14mm)
  •      Min Thickness: .05" (1.25mm)
  •      Total Length: 13.75" (35cm)
  •      Front Max Width: 6.125" (15.5cm)
  •      Waist Width - most narrow point: 5.375" (13.5cm)
  •      Back Max Width: 9.25" (23.5cm)

Inseam lengths:

  •      Small: 8.75" (22.23cm)
  •      Medium: 9.25" (23.5cm)
  •      Large: 9.75" (24.77cm)
  •      XLarge: 10.25" (26.04cm)

100% of profits fund the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation's nonprofit programs.

"NEVER GIVE UP." is a Copyright © 2011 of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.