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Craft to inspire JOY! Ready-made jewelry kits to add some sparkle and fun. A great group activity and gift. Two options:

1) Unicorn: Packaged in an adorable acrylic reusable unicorn-shaped container, each kit comes with 7-9 unicorn-themed charms, including one high-quality 18k gold plated unicorn pendant that can be worn on more formal occasions!  Also included are 60 inches of gold-plated micro-ball chain, clasps, tassels, assorted beads, and a few other goodies to make your budding jewelers smile!

2) Beach Themed: Each kit includes super cute beach-themed pendants: sea creatures, popsicles, sun umbrella, milkshakes, mermaid fins, and more!!  Each kit includes 9-12 assorted pendants, 1 brass shell locket, 4 tassel charms, assorted beads, and approximately 60" of gold-plated ball chain and clasps which can be easily cut to the desired length. Makes 6-8 pieces of jewelry with extra parts to spare.  A great activity for kids to do together!  

3) Mermaid: Packaged an adorable reusable mermaid-shaped container with 2 different mermaids, various sea creature pendants (crab, seahorse, octopus, shell, fish, whale), and cool sea-themed beads (shells and fish-shaped!), a brass shell locket, tassel charms and approximately 60" of gold plated ball chain and clasps which can be easily cut to desired length.  Makes 7-9 pieces of jewelry with extra parts to spare.  Perfect for vacay crafting!!


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