Thanks to you, this design raised $15,000 for the Thomas fire and mudslide victims.

The background on this design: Santa Barbara has our heart. When Gwendolyn was diagnosed with SMA, this entire county rallied around us with kindness, generosity, and a willingness to do anything we asked of them. Strangers became friends and friends became loyal advocates for the SMA and rare disease cause. In fact, it is because of that unrelenting support that we formed the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and have been able to help fill in funding gaps in our system. We are asking you to do the same now. We feel helpless with so much destruction still in our midst but we do know how to rally the troops and sell tees. 

Letterpress Art Print 
Printed on fine art paper for framing

We are so blown away by all those already answering our requests for favors so we can raise as much as possible. Artwork collaboration donated by the talented Penned by Shani, letterpress printing donated by Wootton Printing, screenprinting donated by Arosha, Inc. And we know we can count on our supporters to join us in lifting up all those facing so much heartbreak. Together we are S T R O N G. NEVER GIVE UP. 

"California STRONG" is a Copyright © 2018 of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. 


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