Love never ends. Grief is hard to talk about for many. Grief in young children, even more difficult to navigate. Two Little Fairies discusses big topics with emphasis on the power of love. Written by SMA grandmother, Cheryl Black, in memory of darling twins, Emma and Addison Surine born in Saskatchewan, we are so honored that 100% of the purchase price benefits the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. 


In her book, Two Little Fairies, author Cheryl Black introduces us to a special world thanks to two special fairies, Emma and Addison. Without warning, the wise ones from the fairy world decide to call the two little fairies away, leaving all to fend for themselves and make sense of the loss while cherishing the gifts the little ones left with them.

Illustrated by 17-year-old Geena Heinrich, Two Little Fairies was inspired by the author’s angel granddaughters and the fairies’ namesakes. The youngest readers will learn about differences and acceptance. It is a special story with life long lessons.

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