Disability is a normal part of the world. In fact, 1 in 4 of the population has a disability. By introducing disability diversity to children, you are promoting acceptance and representation. Our Inclusive Kid Gift Box delivers unique curated items that educate and cultivate kindness, understanding, and worth.

Each gift box includes:

  1. No Such Thing As Normal Coloring Book: As your kiddo adds colorful strokes throughout this coloring book, they will engage with illustrations that display and tell the stories of real children with a variety of disabilities. Along the way, they will learn the names of equipment and medical terms, which normalizes disability.
  2. Crayola Multicultural Crayon Pack: Help your little artists represent wonderful diverse skin tones in all of their masterpieces with this Crayola Multicultural Crayon pack. With eight different tones that will help them capture more accurate skin colors, the pack also includes a pure white and black crayon to assist with blending.
  3. Be A Kind Human Kid's Adjustable Trucker Hat
  4. Sticker Sheet: Kid's love adding these mini stickers to their water bottles and technology and folders
  5. NGU Patch: Perfect to add to a backpack or denim jacket
  6. NEVER GIVE UP. Backpack Keychain
  7. Kindness Matter Button
  8. Lily's Chocolate Bar
  9. Gift Box, Bow, and Recycled Fill
  10. Handwritten Note (***Please include your note in the comments section for us to write on your behalf or email

Every NEVER GIVE UP. gift box is shipped in our signature high-quality custom packaging, which includes crinkle paper, ribbon, and a gift message. We never include receipts or billing information!

100% of profits fund the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation's nonprofit programs.

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