"As the seashell holds
the song of the ocean
so I will hold you,
constantly, gently within.
And those who listen closely enough
will hear your voice in mine
and know that I speak for two.
For you have filled me full,
you live deep in me.
And I will keep you
always, quietly, surely
as the seashells keep the sea."

The death of a child is devastating, leaving parents shattered and shaken to the core. Everything changes, every aspect of life is impacted, and, while life can be beautiful again, there's no one thing that can fix the unfixable. 

Gentleness helps. Searching for healing helps. Leaning into love can be a lifeline. The kindness of others certainly helps us - thoughtful notes, meaningful gifts, words of remembrance have mattered so much. We know family and friends often don't know what "to do" so we wanted to offer some gentle ways to help tap into that love lifeline. We wanted to find a way to offer tenderness to all those many others who are so deeply hurting. 

These words were given to us by another SMA loss mom. They came with no expectation, no clichés, no demands to be better. They came only with love and a reminder of the deep connection we will always have with our incredible child. I have spent many a day running my fingers over these words, soaking them in, clinging to a tangible when the emptiness feels so vast.

We had these anonymous words turned into a fine art letterpress print. Print is 8-1/2”x11” (designed to fit an 8”x10” mat or frame) with ocean blue lettering. The paper type is a thick (110 lb./300gsm), 100% cotton paper with a luxurious texture that was created especially for letterpress imprint.  Each print comes unmatted and unframed so you can make it more personal.

Our hope is these prints can be given as gifts when there is really nothing anyone can do. Our hope is these gentle words offer some healing to the brokenhearted. Our hope is tenderness finds its way to those who need it most.
A Child's Song print can be purchased on our website for $25 and shipped anywhere in the world. You can also include a gift note. For loss parents who feel they cannot afford this purchase at the moment, please contact us ( and we will send you one for free.